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Baby Daisy Sandals

Baby Daisy Sandals

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Starry Knight Design shoes are handmade in Montana USA by a team of local women with high-quality 100% leather and suede. Since 2008, they have been designing and making soft soled leather shoes for your little ones. We currently offer the sandals in four sizes in the color carnation. Size 0 (Newborn-3months,) Size 2 ( 6 months+,) Size 4 (12 months+,) and Size 6 (18 months+.)  You can measure your child's foot before ordering to select the correct size. Add 1/2" to measurement to get the correct sole length.


-Size 0 = 4", Size 2 = 4.5", Size 4 = 5", Size 6 = 5.5"
-Soft and non-restrictive for developing feet
-Soft Elastic band around ankle
-Help keep socks on newborns
-Great for babies crawling around
-perfect for balance when they start standing and walking
-Suede bottoms help make non-slip for floors