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The Uppercase Compendium of Craft & Creativity

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There is a long publishing tradition of the creative annual. Creative industries like graphic design, illustration and advertising each have their own dedicated annual books and special edition magazines that compile the best of each category. When it comes to craft and the independent maker movement, there hasn’t been an annual to celebrate and document all the amazing talent and beautiful products being made each year. Across the Internet there are blog posts, websites and Etsy listings, but these are scattered and fleeting: items are sold, sites are updated with more current projects, blog posts quickly get buried by the latest thing. We’re so busy looking for what’s new, that there isn’t time to appreciate what we’ve already done.

The UPPERCASE Compendium of Craft & Creativity has collected the most inspiring work of the past few years into a beautiful print publication. Rich with stories of the makers, it includes interviews, studio tours and a peek into the creative process.