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ATHENS Dungeons, Dragons, and Drawing | SESSION II

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Dungeons, Dragons, and Drawing |  ages 8-13 years 

Fridays 4-5:30pm

SESSION II :: 10/18-12/20

Dungeons and Dragons is experiencing a recent resurgence around the world, and many of its biggest fans are kids and teens! D&D is similar to video games in the sense that players are transported into another world where they can be anyone. However, in D&D, the players are the ones creating the game as an active participant, and it is a group activity that brings friends together rather than isolating in front of another screen. Players must think on their feet, engage with their teammates and let their imaginations run wild as a detailed story unfolds all around them. 

The act of playing and engaging with one’s imagination is an important outlet through which we are able to explore how ourselves and others experience events from a unique perspective. This process strengthens empathy and the ability to think in someone else’s shoes. Players must act as a collaborative team to overcome obstacles by using their critical thinking and communication skills. 

In this class we will not only be playing the game, but we will be focusing on all aspects of game design, including storytelling, character development, world building, and most importantly adventure with friends! We will be drawing and brainstorming a lot in this fun new class as we become our characters and take on the world together as a team! 

Cancellation Policy:

If you sign up for a class and cannot make it just let us know.  If you let us know 72 hours before the start of class we will refund you in the form of STORE CREDIT.

If you do not show up to class and do not let us know, your registration can sadly not be refunded.  Our staff and instructors put a lot of thought and energy into each class and prepare for each spot in our classes.  No show fees will be put towards the many scholarships and donations that we give throughout the day.  

If you miss an Art School class you can make up classes on Saturdays. All make-ups must be made within your session unless approved by us.

Multi-Class Discounts:
If you are signing up for more than 1 class or more than 1 child, we offer a 10% discount (off of the lesser value), YAY!  Select FULL PRICE for the first class and MULTIPLE CLASS DISCOUNT for each additional class(es)

Safety Policy and Drop Off Waiver:
All classes are organized and fully staffed to drop off students. If you choose to stay here that is fine too. If you choose to drop off your child for a class you MUST fill out a waiver and sign IN and OUT. It is our goal to provide the safest experience for our TREEHOUSE families.