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Koupen Chan Cable Cover Blind Box - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Clever Idiots

Koupen Chan Cable Cover Blind Box

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  • Collect Them All: Our blind boxes add a touch of mystery to each order. You will receive 1 of our 6 Koupen Chan cable covers, making every purchase a unique surprise. Just like trading cards, you can collect them all and build your own friendly Koupen Chan family.
  • Trusted Quality: Expertly designed and carefully crafted, these animal toys reflect our commitment to trusted and reliable craftsmanship. Strong plastic ensures long-lasting durability while the beautifully detailed faces give each figurine its own unique charm.
  • Authentic Japanese Toys: Kitan Club is home to hundreds of products imagined and brought to life by Japanese creatives. Our customer service team is as knowledgeable as they are eager to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us with issues or questions.