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Chore Chart Token Packs

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Chore Charts help nurture and teach our children the importance of responsibility, work ethic, service, and accountability! Where confident kids become happy humans. 

These token packs are designed to be used with the My Daughter Florence Chore Chart pockets (sold separately) where children move tokens for completed tasks from one pocket to another each day on the chart as they complete that day's chores. Each Token has a different chore symbol on it that represents a different chore appropriate for children starting around two years of age. 

The "Starter Pack" includes 11 tokens of various basic household tasks suited for children 2 years and up. 

The "Chores!" Pack has 10 tokens featuring slightly more advanced tasks for kiddos ready for a little more responsibility, appropriate for ages 3 and up.

The "Potty Training" Pack has 8 tokens featuring toilets for the littlest members of the family who are ready to participate in chore chart time and need a little extra motivation to make it to the commode on time! 

The "Music Time" Pack has 8 tokens featuring sheet music to help your kiddo stay on top of practicing their instrument. 

My Daughter Florence products are ethically made by mamas in Memphis, TN.