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3 porch farm - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
3 Porch Farm

3 porch farm flower confetti

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local Athens farm with amazing flowers and so much more!

Flower Sprinkles:

These beauties are edible! Use our sustainable\y grown flower sprinkles on cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, or in lollipops, cocktails and soups. Use your imagination, uses are endless! 5 grams

Flower Confetti:

This is a 1 oz (or approx 6 handfuls) blend of our beautifully dried flowers . Great for tossing at celebrations, sprinkling down a table, or gifting to a friend. It’s a lovely eco party supply to add to your mix. Our flower confetti now contains many varieties of flowers including gomphena, celosia, zinnias, strawflower, lavender, and more.