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Cute Pups - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Random House

Cute Pups

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A far more apt title for this book might be Friggin’ Adorable. OMG. OMG. How FREAKING CUTE? Pups. Twelve breeds of the teeniest, tiniest, fuzziest puppies adorn the pages of this book, and even the uncrafty will be tempted to take up needle and thread to create a companion of their own. Hayano (Cute Dogs, 2009), a connoisseur of miniatures, shares her love of dogs liberally—sprinkling the book with anecdotes and cute mini-photo stories featuring crafters’ best friend. The dogs are so little that each one must be hand-sewn, and if your buddy doesn’t look like the picture, take heart! Hayano provides a photo of her first-ever project, a wonky-eyed mouse she can’t bear to throw away. (Granted, she was in first grade when she made it.) The designs are challenging, but the instructions are thorough. When you’ve finished your pup, don’t forget to make his accessories! He needs a bowl, a bone, chew toys, and a carrier. Fortunately, Hayano has generously provided a catalogue for those items, too. This book easily earns its given title. --Courtney Jones

About the Author

Chie Hayano was born in 1971. Her love for pictures and small crafts began when she was young and became a career after graduating school. In 1998 she began making stuffed animals and her creations swiftly gained popularity. Her homepage Soramame Koubou features all her original creations and provides pointers to fellow crafters.

The Cute Dogs series' second installment will feature full color pictures of each dog along with short stories and crafting accessories for each pooch.

Dog and Accessories Include:
Long Coat Chihuahua
Siberian Husky
Toy Poodle
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Border Collie
Airedale Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Japanese Spitz
Carrying Bag