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Sparkles the Narwhal Blind Box - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Sparkles the Narwhal Blind Box - TREEHOUSE kid and craft

Sparkles the Narwhal | Series 2

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Sparkles the Narwhal is back for round 2! Our favorite unicorn-adjacent-but-actually-real-whale has somehow stumbled into a mystical world of magic and stuff. This is definitely cool - Sparkles hasn't ever actually played D&D but has always meant to. Now he just needs to pick a class - perhaps a knight? A sea-dwelling mer-folk? Or just lean in and go full unicorn? The choices!!

Besides being a recently-magical narwhal, Sparkles is also a tiny plush friend that's hiding in a box! Each Sparkles Blind Box contains 1 mystery plush keychain out of 6, ready to accompany you on your next big adventure (preferably on a grand quest to get coffee). Easily clasped to your bag, keys, pencil case, zipper, or whatever. Sparkles ain't the picky type!

The Sparkles style you get is totally RANDOM! One Sparkles plush comes per box, and there's no guarantee you'll get any one particular 'whal!