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Decatur Food In Art Camp :: 4-6Y :: June 5-9

Decatur Food In Art Camp :: 4-6Y :: June 5-9

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June 5-9 // 10A-1P // 4-6Y // $185

For hundreds of years food has had it’s presence in art. We are going to take a trip through Art History and learn about those artists who were inspried by food.  We will learn about old Dutch still lives, Wayne Theibold’s cakes, and Claes Oldenburg’s giant fruit sculptures. We will make a few of our own delicious dishes too.  A fun camp for those kiddos that love food and art!

Instructor: Lauren Rasch

For the past decade Lauren has been enriching the lives of young children through her colorful art, which aims to add happiness and positivity through rehab, recycling, and giving old things a new fun life. After running a successful children's art program in Asheville, NC, she's excited to bring her talents, experience, and charm to the Atlanta area. She believes focus should lie on helping children trust in themselves, their talents, and their creativity, and on keeping art fun! 

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