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Recycle Camp :: 4-6 yrs :: June 26-30

Recycle Camp :: 4-6 yrs :: June 26-30

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JUNE 26-30 // 10AM-PM // 4-6YRS // $160 

At TREEHOUSE we love celebrating our lovely earth every day! In this camp, we will be spending the week looking at a variety of materials and imagining new ways to use and create with them. What can we do with simple ingredients like bottle caps, tin cans, newspapers, and more? We will look at artists who use recycled materials in their own artwork and make our own! We will make paper, sculptures, puppets, musical instruments, and explore creating 2 dimensional works of art as well as 2 dimensional collage.  The possiblilities are endless!  Let’s make the planet better through making art!

We will choose one piece of artwork to display in an August art exhibition at the Grit and/or at TREEHOUSE!

Instructor: Melanie Sgrignoli

Melanie is a certified art teacher, potter and painter, and creative mama. She loves observing and making, and helping kids to do the same. When not being artsy, she enjoys gardening and reading.

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