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We have become known in our community for our great Art and Craft classes and summer camps.  We offer classes to ages 6 months on up to adult.  We offer a variety of classes such as;   baby sensory, art history and technique, sewing, knitting, Stop motion animation, photography and styling, Craft Business for kids, super hero, and more.

We are happy that this has become a place for those who love to make and create....come play!  See our fall line up below.  Check our calendar for more offerings.

Our Instructors


Emma Bradford

Emma has recently moved here with her husband from Nashville TN where she had been teaching Middle School Art.  She has been teaching our Saturday morning classes and our Thursday Art School sessions.  We have loved seeing all of the amazing projects that her groups have been making!

Michele Dross

Michele went to UGA for Art Education and Ceramics.  She has been teaching our art school classes for the past year and share her love for art history and inspire our young artists.  Michele has a shed-made studio behind her house where she is a maker.

Hope Hilton  

Hope Hilton is an artist, writer, curator, designer, and teacher of all ages. With an MFA from NYC’s Hunter College, she returned to her Georgia roots in 2010, and lives in a crooked house on a hilltop in Winterville. She teaches atDouble Helix, and Treehouse, as well as designing with Hable Construction.

Mary Catherine Lowery

Mary Catherine has been teaching our Sewing classes throughout the year and will be adding more classes throughout the year.  She is currently a student at UGA in the Art Education and Fibers and Textiles department and loves sharing all of her newly learned techniques.


Ann Macdonald

Ann Macdonald's love for art was instilled in her at very young age while growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia. She earned a BA in Fine Art with a concentration in painting from James Madison University. A semester abroad in Florence, Italy and later continuing studies in Interior Design and Painting at The Corcoran College of Art + Design further impacted her appreciation for the arts. After the birth of her son in 2012, Ann took a leap of faith and followed her life-long dream of teaching young children art.  Ann lives in Kirkwood with her husband, son and gray cat Oscar.

Sarah Karp Hilton

Sarah has lived in many corners of the earth, teaching art and storytelling to kids in Seoul, South Korea, Brooklyn, NY, and Athens, GA. She now lives in Decatur with her husband and wildly energetic four-year-old daughter, writing on the creative life and starting too many projects. A forever explorer and adventurer, she encourages kids and adults of all ages to never stop being curious, and to always get their hands dirty!

Morgan Smith

Morgan recently relocated to Decatur from Athens, GA. She is currently illustrating a book for children about a girl, growth, and the trees that bring her joy. Largely self-taught, she believes that balancing structure with independence is essential to artistic growth and development. She is excited to share her life-long passion for drawing with her classes!

Caitlin Awalt

Caitlin attended Georgia State University where she studied textiles and graphic design. She is a self taught knitter and she learned how to sew from her mother and her grandmother taught her how to crochet at a young age!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made up to two weeks prior to the camp or class start date.  There is a $15 cancellation fee that you may apply to future classes or camps.

If for any reason WE need to cancel a camp we will notify parents 7 days prior to the camp start date and you will be fully refunded.  

Safety Policy and drop off waiver

All camps are organized and fully staffed for drop off campers.  If you choose to stay here that is fine too.

If you choose to drop off your child at camp you MUST fill out a waiver and sign IN and OUT for each day of class or camp.  It is our goal to provide the safest experience for our TREEHOUSE families.  

Please click here to download a liability form (required for all classes).


If you miss a class for any reason you can drop in to one of our Saturday classes.  10am or 11am.