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3 porch farm - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
TREEHOUSE kid and craft

3 porch farm

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local Athens farm with amazing flowers and so much more!

Flower Sprinkles:

These beauties are edible! Use our sustainable\y grown flower sprinkles on cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, or in lollipops, cocktails and soups. Use your imagination, uses are endless! 5 grams

Flower Confetti:

This is a 1 oz (or approx 6 handfuls) blend of our beautifully dried flowers . Great for tossing at celebrations, sprinkling down a table, or gifting to a friend. It’s a lovely eco party supply to add to your mix. Our flower confetti now contains many varieties of flowers including gomphena, celosia, zinnias, strawflower, lavender, and more. 

Smoked Sea Salt:

Each bottle contains 3.4 oz of the most amazing smokey seasoning you’ll ever put on your food! Alderwood smoked sea-salt, a touch of fine sea-salt, and our own shiitake mushrooms grown on sweet gum logs in our forest. Sprinkle liberally on salmon for an easy “smoked salmon”, dash on chicken, steak, turkey, veggie dishes, popcorn, or the most amazing deviled egg you’ve ever had. Our mushrooms are Certified Naturally Grown and we use nothing but organic inputs on our whole farm. All of our products are produced in facilities powered by solar energy.

Lucious Chai Tea:

Our chai is comprised of all organic or CNG ingredients. Black assam tea, cardamom,  cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, black pepper corn, our Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) spearmint and cinnamon basil. Each Package comes with instructions on how to brew the best cup and makes up to 9 cups. Great for the colder months. Great for gift giving! All of our production is done in our farm kitchen powered by solar energy!  2.4oz of tea per bag