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Musical Assembly Set Ball Run - TREEHOUSE kid and craft

Musical Assembly Set Ball Run

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Children love assembling this ball run by themselves, sorting and placing the colors at their discretion. They‘ll have rollicking marble races in the double spiral run. You can have a marble race against another marble, a bead or a bell. It moves so fast. Listen! Which ball is the quietest? Which makes the most noise? After a few games, rainbow run can be taken apart and arranged in a different color set-up, and the fun starts all over again. Contents: 1 base plate of solid wood, 1 center rod, 80 little wood panels with center holes assorted by color, 176 wooden dowels assorted by color, 2 spacer sleeves, a start bowl, 1 terminating bead for the center rod, 4 bells. Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.


Product Size: H 47cm D 24cm