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Buddha Board Mini - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Buddha Board Mini - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Buddha Board

Buddha Board Mini

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The Mini Buddha Board is an elegantly packaged, 5-inch square portable Buddha Board that folds into its own small easel stand. It has a little trough for water, and comes with a small paint brush.

Inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment, Buddha Board can be a relaxing activity for any age, but it is recommended for ages 5 and up. 

Simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in a bold design. Then as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece.

Buddha Board is environmentally friendly since it only uses water - no ink, no paint, no chemicals - and it will last for years if handled gently and kept clean of impurities (ink, skin oils, etc.) so as not to damage or stain its unique surface. Its base acts as both a stand and a water reservoir to dip the bamboo brush into.  

A perfect gift for the person who has everything and a fun creative exercise for artists and non-artists alike; Buddha Board makes an interesting conversation piece when set up in your home or office for guests to play with. 

Live for the moment and enjoy!

size 5” x 5” x 1/2”