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Decatur BABY ART SESSION IV :: 10-24 MONTHS:: WED 3/21 - 5/16

Decatur BABY ART SESSION IV :: 10-24 MONTHS:: WED 3/21 - 5/16

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Wednesdays:: 3/21 - 5/16 :: 10:15 - 11AM

**Please Note: We will not be having class during spring break (4/4)

BABY ART :: This class is all about creative and sensory exploration.  We will explore color, sound, paint, sculpture, water play, amd many other sensory and art activities.

Instructor: Ashley Beresch

Multi-class discount

We offer a discount to families who sign up for more than one class.  First class (at higher price) is full price and any additional classes qualify for the multi-class discount

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made up to two weeks prior to the class start date. There is a $15 cancellation fee that you may apply to future classes or camps.

If you miss an Art School class you can make up classes on Saturdays. All make ups must be made within your session unless approved by us.

***note if you are signing up for more than 1 class or more than 1 child, we offer a 10% discount (off of the lesser value), YAY!  Select FULL PRICE for the first class and MULTIPLE CLASS DISCOUNT for each additional class(es)***

Safety Policy and Drop Off Waiver

All classes are organized and fully staffed to drop off students. If you choose to stay here that is fine too. If you choose to drop off your child for class you MUST fill out a waiver and sign IN and OUT. It is our goal to provide the safest experience for our TREEHOUSE families.