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LUX Large 450 Piece Set - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
LUX Large 450 Piece Set - TREEHOUSE kid and craft

LUX Large 450 Piece Set

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  • With Lux's patent-pending snap and lock hinge, builders are now freer than ever before to make structures which curve, bend, and move!
  • Not only do the Lux squares make circles and spheres, but they model machines, biological organisms, mathematical relationships, and enable a user to construct whatever architecture they want.
  • Put the creative power of nature in your hands!
Lux were designed to be the blocks for the 21st century, and its designers put into the blocks the 20th century principles of fractal geometry, non-Euclidian geometries used by Albert Einstein to express his theories, and the structural principles of designers like R. Buckminster Fuller and Peter Jon Pearce. The point of Lux is to give people access to nature's design principles in a fun play experience that will encourage creativity and exposure to the patterns and forms found in nature.