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Sky Dreamcatcher Swing

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Beautiful and colorful with a unique, hand-woven design, this large, multi-child swing provides hours of active play without taking away from the beauty of your backyard. Soar into a dream of active excitement! Little explorers can't wait to climb aboard and sit or even lay across the comfortable woven net before pushing off into an adventure in midair.

Measuring a huge thirty-eight inches in diameter and designed tough with polypropylen rope, plus an eight-foot UV resistant nylon rope for hanging it, the Sky Dreamcatcher Swing is the high-flying adventure your little ones have been dreaming about.
Hang the swing from two points for a sturdier flight. Hang it from one point for more spinning action. Dog-pile on top of it and soar along with your friends - It holds up to 400 pounds!

It's a classic tree-swinging experience EVERYONE in the family will appreciate!