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Craft-Tastic Tinker Box

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Lots of great thinkers started out as tinkerers. Engineers, scientists, mathematicians, builders and contractors-they all had a curiosity about how things worked. The 7 fun challenges inside this kit will inspire kids to create something totally unpredictable, unencumbered and teeming with possibility. Ready? Set? Tinker!

• Kit includes 4 mini dowel rods, 3 balloons, 4 styrofoam balls, 2 clothes pins, 4 wooden beads, 10 ft (3 m) washi tape, 8 metal brads, 2 thread spools, 4 wood craft sticks, 4 paper straws, 8 rubber bands, 4 chenille stems, 4.3 yd (4 m) cotton embroidery thread, 6 pieces paper, 2 pieces foam, 4 pieces double-sided tape, 7 challenge cards