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Crystal Collector Card - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Crystal Collector Card - TREEHOUSE kid and craft

Crystal Collector Card

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Crystal Collector Cards: Hand drawn with colored pencils, this beautiful mini information card shows all ten illustrated crystals in the collaboration with Amy Hetherington of Headspace Illustrations. This card is the perfect addition to a loose crystal purchase, as it provides stunning imagery to accompany a retail display and will encourage customers to collect all ten crystals and Crystal Collector Cards featured. Pairs easily with our Maple Slotted Card Display.

Meet Amy Hetherington:

Amy is an illustrator from Fredericton, Canada. She specializes in intricate colored pencil illustrations of nature. She is often inspired by the “little universes” within the natural world and the perfectly imperfect beauty that can be found there. Amy believes that art helps people become more observant of the world around them by illuminating the quiet, little things that become gifts of joy.

Size: 8" L x 5" W