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Disruptus Game

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Let the creative juices flow with Disruptus! Disruptus is a cutting-edge game with an entertaining focus on the importance of innovation. It draws inspiration from the practice of "disruptive thinking"- a thought concept where the goal is to always see what could be better or different about an existing object or idea, even if you wish to acheive the same end result. This practice involves a lot of out-of-the-box problem solving, and when implemented into daily life, disruptice thinking can provide unique opportunities and endless inspiration-- a GREAT confidence building tool for people of all ages. In this game, players examine the subjects on their cards and innovate them as is dictated by the die roll: improve it, transform it, create something new, or disrupt it! For example, if you roll "create 2", you would draw 2 cards and create something entirely new out of the subjects. Let's say you draw a card with a motorcycle and a card with a rope-- you might take the two tires and tie them together in order to make a double-decker tire swing! This is just one example, of course; every game is a different creative journey for all involved. Families and classrooms are sure to LOVE this game. Makes a great gift for kids, parents and teachers. Suggested ages 10+