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Fabtronic Sewing Set- STEM kit

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Are you just learning how to sew and want to learn a bit of basic electronics too? Do you have basic sewing skills and want to experiment with adding lights to your projects? Then this is the set for you! Enter the world of e-textiles and wearables with custom reusable parts that allow you to make and remake as many times as you want! 

Teknikio is a women run company who began by trying to create a girl-centric, craft-oriented electronics toolkit. They felt that many toolkits and toys relating to electronics are gender coded for boys, excluding a large population of young inventors, makers, scientists, and engineers. Of course, their wonderful kits can be enjoyed by all, young and old, male or female! 


  • 2 Teknikio white sewable LEDs
  • 1 Teknikio battery board
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 spool conductive thread
  • 1 fabric swatch
  • 1 needles
  • 4 snaps

No soldering required. 100% RoHS compliant. Reusable components! Caution: Small parts, adult supervision recommended for children under 8.