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Fairly Painless Tattoo Lounge

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Pick your favorite charity to donate the proceeds to and then set up shop to raise money by covering people in colorful tattoos! The enclosed tattoo tablecloth, advertising poster, and megaphone sleeve will help you get customers into 'The Lounge" where you can decorate their bodies from a choice of over 125 amazing artistic temporary tattoos. The money box that you assemble will keep the donations you collect safe until you are able to send them off to your charity! Also included is your Renegade Made mask, letting everyone know that not only are you mysterious, but you're also not doing it for the fame. 

Renegade Made Crafts and Activities are a line of products that teach young citizens of the world that making people happy is not only the right thing to do--it's also ridiculously fun! They put the focus on anonymous acts of silliness and kindness by giving you everything you need to start infecting the world around you with pure unabashed joy.