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Forensic Science Lab - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Forensic Science Lab - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
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Forensic Science Lab

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  • BECOME A DETECTIVE - Use real techniques to match fingerprints, analyze DNA, identify fibers, test for poisons, cast footprints and discover secret messages. Set the scene with the crime scene tape!
  • THE ANSWER IS IN THE ENVIRONMENT - Where’s the secret message? Who’s footprints are these? Test your child’s observation skills as they examine the crime scene for evidence!
  • FORENSIC STEM FOR AGES 8+ - Use chromatography to extract evidence from DNA analyses, test acids and alkalis to discover secret writing, examine fingerprint characteristics and so much more.
  • INCLUDES 66 PIECES - This CSI kit features tools and ingredients for each experiment. Some household items are required: paper, plate, scissors, old shoes and sweaters, a mirror/shiny surface and a glass.

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