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Fox and Friends 5pc Bamboo Dinnerware

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Surely you would love your little one eating off such a beautiful bamboo dinner set that is also kind to the planet. The quality is amazing and of course, the design is too cute for words.

All of Austrailian company Love Mae's bamboo tableware is made from the bi-products of the bamboo industry, the leftovers that no-one uses. They take these leftovers and grind them to a powder, then add food grade binding resin and pour it into a mold. It is then treated not unlike porcelain where it is baked twice, first time to shape the product, the second time a decal is applied and it is sealed.

We love that no mining happens for Love Mae's products and that no harvesting of bamboo happens either. Do yourself, your child and your planet a favor and purchase planet-friendly and sustainable products.

100% biodegradable.
Set includes spoon and fork, small bowl, small tumbler, 5 section divided plate.