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Decatur HIGH FIVE  Crafters Punch Card

Decatur HIGH FIVE Crafters Punch Card

Regular price $55.00

Buy a punch card and save!  

We are excited to reward all our regulars with this nifty punch card.  Not a regular?   Well what are you waiting for!

The punch cards must be used on one of our many one hour drop in classes and each punch card and is for 1 crafter.  Say you have two kids....they will each need a punch card :)

$45 for 5 crafts!   We will punch your card each time you craft!  And there is not an expiration on the cards.


You can use this card on:  baby sensory, WE craft, Craft Club (3-5 yrs), Craft Club (6-10 yrs), Craft Inc, and Saturday Family Craft.