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Itzi - TREEHOUSE kid and craft


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It'z simple! It'z fast! It'z letters! It'z laughs! The basic rules are extremely simple - Be the first to answer the ITZI cards using only the letters on the letter cards. The question: It'z an animal. The letters: K, T, N, I. Your quick answer: Kangaroo! Can you answer the fastest and collect the most cards?

What about when the letters you use are limited only to the ones that match the colors on the ITZI card? Or - What if you first have to find a letter card with a symbol that matches the one on the ITZI card? Packed with creative twists and challenges, Itzi is an intense adventure the whole family will enjoy!

For 2-8 players. Ages 8 to infinity!
Develops dexterity, quick thinking, and interaction.


  • 120 Itzi cards
  • 75 letter cards
  • Simple instructions and instructions for alternative game play