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Large Odditeez Beadiballz

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A slimy stress ball? A round and gelatinous squishy? We don't quite know how to describe Orb Beadiballz, but one thing is certain: These are completely and crazily cozy to stretch, poke and play with! Beadiballz are transparent rubber balls filled with plenty of small, fluid-filled and colorful pearls in the form of Orb Beadz. When you squeeze the ball, the pearls move and the irresistibly gelatinous ball is stretched out, sort of like slime - but without the stickiness!

Beadiballz is as much a toy as it is a stress ball - it's hard to put the ball down once you've started poking around with it! The balls are super-pliable, and if you listen carefully, you can hear funny sounds from the gel pearls when you squeeze them together.