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Let's Bake! - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Little Gestalten

Let's Bake!

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Why aren’t there more educational
books that speak directly
to children without involving
their parents? This thought motivated
authors Clara Lidström and
Annakarin Nyberg to create books
that encourage children to be confident
and do things themselves.
Playfully illustrated and carefully
explained, Let’s Bake is one of those
books. Its sequel Let’s Garden will
come out next spring.
Nibbling on dough, eating
cookies fresh from the oven, and
frosting a cake. What child doesn’t
enjoy doing these things? And
even more so when they are the
ones who did all the baking! The
step by step instructions in Let’s
Bake make it easy, safe, and fun
for children to learn how to make
delicious recipes including raspberry
fluff, fudge cookies, and
blueberry muffins. With guidance
from this book, children are given
the opportunity to take control
and ask for help from an adult
only when they want to do so.