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Lomography Konstruktor 35mm SLR - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Lomography Konstruktor 35mm SLR - TREEHOUSE kid and craft

Lomography Konstruktor 35mm SLR

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Perfect for Do-It-Yourself lovers and those interested in learning, understanding and experiencing how analog photography works, the Konstruktor F is a fully-functional 35mm SLR camera which you can easily build at home. This hands-on camera also has a PC socket so you can use flash accessories to shoot show-stopping flash photos.

Through the fantastically fun process of assembling this beautiful machine, you’ll learn the essence of photography and be able to shoot wonderfully sharp and vibrant analog photos. It’s time to take the next step on your exciting photographic adventure and boost your creativity to the max. With the Konstruktor F, you don’t just capture analog beauty, you Konstruct it!

Once you’ve finished building the Konstruktor F, it’s time to decorate! The camera comes packed with a selection of stickers that you can attach. Bored of your current camera look? Just peel off the stickers and try a different set. Of course, in true Lomographic spirit, you can also decide to forget the rules and decorate your Konstrucktor F in a totally unique style!