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Quaggle - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Quaggle - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Quaggle - TREEHOUSE kid and craft


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  • QUAGGLE is an exciting, fast paced and extremely addictive balancing game.
  • Place, interlock or hook your piece and stack your way to the top. One wrong move could send the structure tumbling.
  • Made of solid wood.
  • NEVER GETS BORING! Guaranteed not to collect dust in your closet.
  • Hook it, lay it, interlock it, or hang it, place your piece by any way imaginable.
  • Every structure is unique every game is different. Picture worthy every step of the way.
  • GAME PLAY: Take turns drawing cards and stack the piece shown, one by one the structure will grow until one person sends it all crashing down!
  • Quaggle is the winner of several awards including the prestigious Mom's Choice Gold Award and the Creative Child 2020 Stacking Game of the Year.
  • Get the free Quaggle Timer App (iOS and Android) and unlock the full game’s potential. Exciting gameplay for up to 12 people.
  • App has two play modes, 1st as a unique Timer and 2nd keeps track of your time you played with a players score board.
  • Quaggle is an engineering masterpiece combining art, design and physics to create the ultimate stacking game. This deluxe game is made for all ages, young and old. Improves hand-eye coordination and develops fine motor-skills. A true STEM and STEAM game.
  • Quaggle is patent pending, trademarked and by copyright law protected.