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Sky Magic - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Sky Magic

Sky Magic

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A powerful storm is brewing!

Help the five enchanted friends get home before they run out of magic spells. Kids work as a team to navigate around storm clouds and avoid falling through the sky when the board shifts. Plan carefully and use your magic wisely as the game continuously shifts!

The rules of Sky Magic are simple, though the game play itself can be challenging. All the enchanted creatures start in the middle of the board and must navigate through paths of clouds to reach their individual homes. Roll the die and move characters if you roll a number. If you roll a storm cloud, then draw a weather card: Storm clouds block certain paths and panels, while wind flips force you to flip the designated panel that may send one of the enchanted creatures back to the start. If you roll a magic spell, then select one of three magic spell cards to use immediately or save for later: prevent a wind flip, blow away one storm cloud, or double the number rolled on a die. If you get all the enchanted creatures home before running out of magic spells, then you've won!

- 6+ years | 2-4 players | package dimensions: 13.5" x 2.5" x 11.5" -