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Smart Phone Movie Maker

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And . . . action! Did you know that all it takes to be a filmmaker is a smartphone and a little creativity? This essential guide to making movies on a smartphone offers all kinds of tips, techniques, and instructions on how to edit and add special effects to your film. With easy-to-follow advice on building a narrative and clear concepts, Smartphone Movie Maker gives young film buffs all the tools needed to start shooting their own masterpieces. The box even transforms into a lens-fitted film projector to slot a smartphone into, so budding directors can watch their creations play out onscreen for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Special features include:
* A fully illustrated, hands-on director's handbook
* A storyboarding book to sketch out a shot-by-shot breakdown of the film
* Card sheets to make a retro popcorn box
* Pre-printed tickets to invite family and friends to the film premiere