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Spin Balls

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Spinballs features a set of soft glowing LED poi attached to adjustable leashes. Spin them around in rhythmical and geometric patterns to create a visual effect. It’s fun to do and fun to learn – for parties, festivals, and night outings, or to practice physical coordination! You can do it all with Spinballs. 

Poi is defined by the Maori people as ‘ball on a string’ and originated on the islands of New Zealand hundreds of years ago. Practicing poi helps people improve their flexibility, dexterity, coordination, and strength in their arms and hands, while the movements and flowing hand paths give it a spiritual, meditative appeal like Tai Chi. Nowadays, Spinballs is a modern version of poi lighting up the world! With Spinballs, anyone from ages 6+ can join the movement! For the joy of play, exercise, self-esteem, and meditation, it’s a hobby that lasts a lifetime.