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The Map Of Good Memories - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
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The Map Of Good Memories

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More than anything else, this book is about saying farewell. Zoe, the main character, says goodbye to the city where she has always lived. Because of the war, she has to flee with her family to another country and has no idea what will become of her. Her name, which is Greek in origin, means "life," and through her memories, we discover some of those good times, those simple pleasures that life sometimes gives us, and where true happiness may be found. The happiness that Zoe, unfortunately, is about to lose. 

"I have always enjoyed books that talk about these simple, daily pleasures, which encourage the reader to think about their own and make a list. I cannot deny that I would love the readers of this story to do the same experiment that Zoe does with the map of her city, and then discover the result." - Fran Nuño