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Thrills and Chills (Garbage Pail Kids) - TREEHOUSE kid and craft

Thrills and Chills (Garbage Pail Kids)

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The Garage Pail Kids are back, and this time they're desperate to win the Smellville Pet Show. But how can they compete against the Perfect Twins and their perfect pet Chihuahua. Good boy, who can balance on his head and perform magic tricks and a perfect dance solo?!

Adam Bomb and Handy Sandy have an idea, and they just might win, too. But the whole contest suddenly gets thrown into chaos when the GPK meet five new students who call themselves the Garbage Pail Kids-Nasty Nacy, Nat Nerd, Disgustin' Justin, Brett Sweat, and Windy Winston.

The grand prize is an all-day trip to Six Thrills Amusement Park-but who will win? Could there be more than one winner? Will the winner really win and the loser really lose? What does that even mean? And why so many questions?