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Tiny Worlds Camp | August 10-14
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Tiny Worlds Camp | August 10-14

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Instructor: TBD

7-10 years | August 10-14 | 1-4pm

 This week we will be celebrating the tiniest worlds.  We are going to be creating the smallest and cutest worlds and learning about a handful of artists and animators that are creating tiny art.  Miniature camps are always a favorite at TREEHOUSE, we are excited to add another one to our summer!.
A note to parents

All of our 2020 summer camps are officially going to be Virtual.  Ultimately Safety is our number one priority and we feel like it is the best decision to move forward with virtual education given the current state of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

We have come up with an organized and fun way to virtually do our camps.  We have kept in mind that your homes are not art studios and chosen "home friendly" materials.  We hope that this works well for all of us.  We really want to make sure that we can continue to provide quality and nurturing education to our families!  We feel that keeping our kid's hands and imaginations stimulated through this quarantine is very important and we are glad to play a part in this and adapt to the challenge.  We have done dozens of virtual camps throughout the summer and have had amazing successes.  

Typical Morning schedule

10am :: kids tune in!
10am-10:20 :: Homemade playdough 3D inventing and engineering time  
10:20-10:30::  Morning Book
10:30-11:20 Project Time
11.:20- 11: 30 :: Snack time - book
11.30-12: 30  :: project
12:30 ending time playtime, dance party, or art bingo

Typical Afternoon schedule
1-1:20 sketch time
1:20-2:30 projects
2:30 snack time/wiggle time (storytime)
2:45-3:45 projects
3:45- 4pm wrap up, end of class time - TREEHOUSE Art Bingo or sketch time

Each familiy will pick up the following CAMP BUNDLE prior to your camp start date.  Kit can be picked up at Athens or Decatur shop.  Shipping to out of state families is also available for an additional charge.

-TREEHOUSE classroom rules- adapted for home
-TREEHOUSE Virtual education tips
-Art Supply Kit: Art Supplies that we will use throughout the week, you will keep indefinitely.  A typical supply kit may include: tempera cakes, watercolors, colored pencils, scissors, glue, glue stick, stickers, a bag of fun, and more!
-Project Packet: an organized package of prepped ingredients for each project that we will be using throughout the week.  We typically do 10-15 projects and they are organized per day, for example: day 1-project 3.