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Dream & Tooth Fairy Mouse

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Do your little ones ever question, who and what exactly is the tooth fairy? Is she a glowing fairy princess that trades teeth for money? Perhaps it is merely a magical mouse!

Small enough to snooze in the confines of a matchbox, this sweet little pipsqueak can scurry under a pillow no problem. Outfitted with a removable pointed cap, wand in hand, and a special pouch perfect for holding tiny treasures such as lost teeth, special coins, written wishes, and more. Also known for their ability to ward off bad dreams, these little fairy mice are a must-have, not only for young children who are losing their baby teeth, but also for little ones learning to sleep in their own big-kid bed. Tuck a lucky penny in their pocket and keep those nightmares at bay!

Maileg is a beloved toy company from Denmark; everything they make is so full of creative details, and the quality is exceptional. We just know you and your little one will love their products as much as we do!