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Totes Amaze - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Hardie Grant

Totes Amaze

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Totes Amaze will have you creating gorgeous, practical tote bags in no time!

With 25 totes to choose from of various difficulty levels, there promises to be a tote bag to fit every occasion and every skill level. Each tote is designed for a particular purpose - a library tote for lugging around books; a picnic tote, designed to store a picnic blanket and all your other picnic needs; a crafter's tote with pockets for needles and yarn; and a wine tote, to keep your favorite tipple safe. Whether you're making a tote for yourself, or as a gift for friends, this fun project-based book will inspire crafters new to the art as well as those already adept with a needles and crafting box.

With a comprehensive section covering all the basics such as toolkits, sewing machine and thread, cutting and marking, fabric choice, lining, and hems, Totes Amaze is the perfect all-in-one craft book.