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Lunchbots Trio: Aqua Dots - TREEHOUSE kid and craft

Lunchbots Trio: Aqua Dots

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Lunch bots are one of our favorite way to make brown bagging' fun!  They are great for babies, kiddos, and adults!  The three compartments keep our ingredients separated and the leak free top is easy for kids to take on and off.  

We love to fill ours with sushi, fruit, and carrots or pack it full of snacks!

We also love that we are keeping more plastic bags out of the landfills!  Just throw this in the dishwasher or hand was at the end of the day and pack it up again.  

Container: 6" x 5" x 1.75", Long section: 1.75" x 6", Square sections: 3.25" x 3"