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Welcome to Treemail!


November edition.

Welcome to our first edition of TREEMAIL.  We have been giving our emails a revamp and are going to start to do a monthly newsletter and connect with our friends!

We can’t believe that it’s November already!  As we clear the cobwebs (ha ha) and make our place sparkle for holidays we wanted to say “Hey” and tell you a little bit about us and what we are up to!  Thanks for reading!

I am Kristen….

I opened up TREEHOUSE in 2010 just following the birth of my daughter AKA shopbaby.  While I was expecting..I began to envision this world that I wanted as a parent and memories that I wanted for my child. This shop and Art Studio has been built purely from heart and imagination.  I have dedicated my entire life to creativity and play and I am obsessed with this crazy world that my TREEHOUSE team and community has helped and allowed me to create!  

Last year a new location was proposed to us.  We thought long and hard about this giant decision.  Ultimately we made the leap and worked tirelessly to make this space make all of our dreams come true.  

FLASH FORWARD….We got to a community of other creative small businesses who we get to borrow screwdrivers, collaborate, event plan, and laugh and cry, and most importantly……dream with.  We feel like this is just the beginning of the big magic that is to come and we are so grateful you are on this journey with us.  Thank you Athens for helping us get here and we hope you will continue to support us and all of the other Small Creative Businesses in our community doing awesome things.

As we enter this Holiday season…we hope that you will shop with heart.  We hope that you will consider the many creative people and small businesses that make this city sparkle. If you are shopping online, there are so many shops, just like us to who are small and independently owned.  

Yay for the holidays and Scorpio season.  We are ready for it!

with sparkles,

Kristen Bach

the big dreamer behind TREEHOUSE!