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If I order something online for “in-store pick up,” can I pick up in Decatur as well as Athens?

We operate out of Athens, so unfortunately in-store pickups for online orders are only available at the ATH location.  However, you can always call or email the Decatur shop and ask them if they have your item in stock - they’d be happy to get your order ready and keep it on hold!  You can even call ahead and pay over the phone to save time.

Do you offer free wrapping?

YES! We absolutely love to make your packages special! ...pom poms included. We'll take care of it :)

Do people usually stay at TREEHOUSE while their children are in class?

We require parents to stay for all baby and toddler classes. We welcome and encourage your participation in the activities!

If your school-aged child is taking a class with us, by all means, get outta here! Juuust kidding, kind of.. We have found that most children are more engaged in class when their caregiver is not present. You are free to leave once you have dropped your kiddo off + filled out a liability waiver. (but you are always welcome to stick around if you’d like :))

How long is a class waiver good for? 

We keep waivers on file for 1 year before asking you to submit a new one.  We want to have the most up to date information for all of our families. Thanks for understanding.

How big are your class sizes?

Our class sizes typically do not exceed 8 to 10 kids. It is our intent to provide our students with a nurturing environment; a small class size gives our teachers and students an opportunity to really get to know one another and accomplish more together. Our summer camps and special holiday workshops may have a larger class size, but we prepare for this by hiring assistant teachers.

Who is Shopbaby?

Shopbaby is Kristen’s daughter Maypop (AKA the reason why this fun shop was created!)  She’s a funny little 13 year old with bright red hair who gets to grow up in a toy shop. Maypop is an aspiring chef and activist who shares her mom’s entrepreneurial spirit, always setting up lemonade stands and art sales for charity. She loves to work at the shop and makes a huge happy mess in the classroom. Need slime from scratch? Lavender scented playdough? Pop’s got ya covered! Just today she made over 30 origami hearts to give to strangers. Her bold and generous nature inspires us to keep providing a space where children can be their favorite self.

Are there any more Shopbabies?

We have a tiny Atlanta shopbaby, too!  Kim’s daughter, Juno Bird, is a wild 5 year old.  Familiar with the term “bull in a china shop”? Juno brings that term to life!  She is as adorable as she is ‘helpful’ - a true pro at testing the durability of any toys in her path.

Which shop came first?

Kristen opened the Athens location in 2010 and Kim and Kristen opened the Atlanta (Decatur) shop together in 2015.

Where do you find all the amazing toys you carry?!

We make a lot of connections with artists and small companies all around the world. Sometimes they find us, and sometimes we find them!  We also go out and scour trade shows a few times a year looking for fun new things that make our hearts sing. We make an honest effort to purchase from small companies with ethical practices and materials.

Can we just come to the shop to play?

Of course!  We want each visit to be interactive.  You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive right?  Come take our toys for a test play!


We are having an event; can you come and do a free craft? 

While we love giving back to our communities and putting creativity out into the world, we are only able to do a limited amount of free activities per year.  We are a small, independent business and we get asked on a weekly basis to do events for free. Sadly, it is impossible for us to do it all. We do have an Art Cart for hire that is available for on-site crafting at an event. Email or call us for availability and to get a quote :)

Do you offer scholarships for your craft classes and summer camps?

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to make and create art.  At TREEHOUSE kid and craft we honor a “pay what you can” rate for our activities.  If that amount is 0, that is totally fine and we understand. The important thing to us is that kids who love art are able to make art and learn!