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Collection: Creative Classes

TREEHOUSE kid and craft's art programming is the core of its mission. Before launching the shop, our founder Kristen Bach was an artist and educator who was dedicated to educating young ones through activities like playing, experimenting, exploring, tinkering, and inventing. Her dream was to cultivate a space where people of all ages could come together to use their imaginations, hands, and hearts to use their creativity. A space for the ART KIDS to grow and be seen! 

We don't just focus on technique and art history; the true benefit of our teaching method and classes is that they foster exploration, encourage trust in creativity, and focus on the PROCESS, not just the outcome. Our teaching method and classes lend themselves to helping people of all ages develop social, creative problem-solving, and empathetic skills, as well as dexterity and self-confidence. We recognize the long-term benefits of art education and the vital role the foundation holds in life.

If you want to join in one of our classes click on our calendar HERE.

Everyone deserves a chance to create art! If finances are an obstacle, just let us know. We'll be sure to give you or your child the opportunity -- no questions asked.