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Big Changes for Little Bugs - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
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Big Changes for Little Bugs

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Gracie Butterfly, Rosie Ladybug, Jumpy Cricket, and Harvey Bee are only concerned with their own selfish needs, but the storm gets their attention. They chose to help each other survive. When the Butterfly Bush where they were living blows over, they lose their food and shelter. Follow their journey to see when each bug realizes how courageous they are and what they learn about themselves. They discover that a bad situation can bring a new and better life.

The lessons from these little bugs encourage us to care for one another in a kinder way. When one experiences life changes due to relocation, displacement by natural disasters, or everyday events, finding a way to work together in a new environment is a great lesson for all ages. Included in the book is a journal and discussion questions to help families document events that have impacted them.

Big Changes For Little Bugs is a book that will help families journal changes in their life and discover previously hidden talents. You might be a ballerina, or a musician, or a mathematician, or a peace officer.

By local Georgia author Karen Giles Clark and illustrated by Charles Berton