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Blinky Angler Fish
Palm Pals

Blinky Angler Fish

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Despite living in the depths of the ocean, Blinky really loves to be friendly to anyone who comes by. Blinky knows it's a long way down, so there's always tasty treats and refreshments waiting for visitors. If only the Pals could make the journey more often!

Blinky has a rounded, lavender-colored body, with a smiling face and rosy cheeks. Its distinct feature is a light-up antenna on its head, complete with a purple bulb and a fluffy yellow pom-pom, making it both cute and quirky. Blinky has soft purple fins that give it a gentle yet vibrant appearance.

I like the idea of hosting parties. However, I understand if my friends can't make it every time, I'm so far in the ocean depths below, it's perfectly fine! Because life as a deep-sea fish can be lonely sometimes, but boy does the abyss echo with fun when the party splashes about!

I'm crafted from top-notch materials for a plush, cushiony feel. I contain bean pellets that are safe for all ages, ensuring my durability and top-notch quality.