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DeiDei Doll / Clonette Doll - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
DeiDei Doll / Clonette Doll - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
The East Africa Co

DeiDei Doll | Clonette Doll

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These sweet plastic dollies, known as Clonette dolls, or baby DeiDei dolls, are a significant part of African history and have become quite the collector's item! Modeled after colorful traditional wooden and grass dolls, these little girls were the first industrially produced doll in Africa and have been made from recycled plastics in Ghana since the 1950's. Often given as a gift to expectant mothers, Clonette Dolls are said to be a totem of good luck and act as a guardian for babies and children. Their retro look and pop art colors have made them popular the world over. When squeezed, baby DeiDei makes a squeaking sound, adding yet another element of charm to this already-fascinating doll.

- Due to the nature of recycled plastics, the colors we receive vary greatly and some may have variations in their color, and we cannot guarantee the exact colors we will have in stock at any given time. Some may also come with a neat little stripe of another color, but we apologize for any inconvenience! -

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