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Edmond The Moonlit Party - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Ingram Book Co

Edmond The Moonlit Party

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"Edmond, The Moonlit Party is about a timid squirrel named Edmond. Edmond is quite happy making colorful pompoms, cooking nut jam, and going to sleep early, but sometimes he feels quite lonely too. 

One evening, there's a party at the foot of the old oak where he lives, and the aroma of his exquisite nut jam brings an unexpected visitor to his door. With the entrance of Mr. George Owl into Edmund's life, everything begins to change. Mr. Owl not only loves disguises and good fun, he's a generous friend too.

Awash with color and full of lively details, this book is a sweet, thought-provoking story about individuality and friendship."

Pairs great with the other stories about Edmund and his friend George.