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Juniper Gets Wet - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Juniper Gets Wet - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
New Growth Publishing

Juniper Gets Wet

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It had been raining for weeks. Maybe months. Maybe even years. The young Jantz siblings had passed through stir crazy and collapsed into listlessness. All except Juniper that is. Empowered by the realization that getting wet isn't such a big deal, she breaks from the domestic boredom and follows her imagination on a heroic journey outside. 

Written and illustrated by Athens, GA natives! All copies are signed!

Bart King is a father, writer, musician and communications consultant. He also is the co-founder of, a resource for parents to learn about child behavior and development to improve family life.

Jacob Wenzka is a father of two with a Batchelor's Degree of Fine art from UGA. He has been painting for nearly two decades and has recently begun working as an illustrator.