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Made You Look - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
Made You Look - TREEHOUSE kid and craft
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Made You Look

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This is a box full of inspiring and fun public art for you to decorate and leave for people to make them smile! Part Time Renegade is a wonderful company who believes in both inspiring good and doing good! That is why they not only encourage you to brighten people's day with a random act of art, but they also donate a portion of the purchase price of every kit to a deserving charity!

In this box you will find:

12 fake flyers you can customize and hang around town that will have strangers doing things like picking funny fortunes, performing kind dares, and helping leave small items to aid people in need.

5 postcards for you to add inspirational messages and art to and then leave for someone to find, keep, and treasure! 

3 hilarious made up lists left for people to discover and pass along. These hysterical lists will have people pondering the Zombie Apocolypse scheduled for Wednesday, whether or not Dracula got his wife those fang-whitening strips she asked for, and more!