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Old Fashioned Ant Brittle

Old Fashioned Ant Brittle

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Your Grandparents or Great Grandparents may remember Ant Brittle from when they were young. Today, you can enjoy this treat once again!

Ants have a natural citrus flavor when munched upon, and it works perfectly with the sweet taste of brittle. Our brittle's flavor is the ants. No, we do not add lemon or lime. As mentioned, what you taste is ant.

Did you know... Ants have the highest zinc content of any plant or animal, and 4x that of Oysters, the second-highest! Ants are super strong. They are able to carry up to 50x their own weight! It is estimated that there are 50 Quadrillion ants alive today on our planet! The total weight of all ants alive today is about the same as all humans! Ants are the longest-living insect! Ants have been in existence for around 100 million years (Dinosaurs 65 million years)! Some ant colonies include millions of individuals! Ants taste great!!

3.25" x 3.25"