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Summer Camp Awesomeness: Art Museum Camp 2 and Fashion Camp

Here’s a peak into another week of summer camp awesomeness! The days started with Art Museum Camp II with Michele Dross. The group learned all about Modern Art and about a handful of the great artists in history. It was an explorative, educational and FUN week!

Michele taught the class all about pointillism, a technique where small, distinct dots are used in a pattern to form an image.

The group also learned about painter Marc Chagall and studied his Dream Zines. They all created their own interpretation of Chagall’s dream villages.

Later in the afternoon, Mary Catherine led a group of talented and enthusiastic fashionistas through the world of creating, designing and sewing garments! They worked so hard all week on various projects and used mediums like fabric, felt, and yarn for creation!

The first day of camp the participants stretched their fashion line they would later create! They pulled inspiration from magazines and current fashion trends to create wearable garments.

Every seamstress needs a dress foam right? The campers used a technique with saran wrap and duct tape to create a dress form that exactly matched their bodies! 

Ella proudly shows off her beautiful felt and tassel necklace she made at Fashion Camp!

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